More than a decade ago, Amy Henshall started her small but busy hair extension business in Thirroul, NSW. Due to her passion and perseverance to only accept the best quality, Henshall Hair Extensions has been growing and supplying more and more people with high quality hair extensions for over 10 years! So when you purchase hair from us you are purchasing from a professional with industry knowledge you can trust.

Our salon is located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast and our services include hair extensions, microdermabrasion, skin needling, teeth whitening and spray tanning.

We endeavour to be the best in our field with exceptional customer service and the highest quality products, so contact us and see why everyone is talking about Henshall Hair Extensions!


You will love everything about the Henshall Hair Extension collection.

Our silky hair is perfect for giving extra length, luscious volume and body to your hair, whilst keeping your secret safe. They look seamlessly natural as they come in a large range of methods and colours, ensuring there is something to suit everyone.


Get 3 – 10 shades lighter & brighter in just 20-60minutes.

Our teeth whitening procedure is performed by a qualified cosmetic nurse, all products used are professional cosmetic grade and pre-compounded formulas which will develop during your treatment under a LED light for 20 minutes each session. There is no prep beforehand is needed, no down time & is pain free. All sessions done within the one sitting.


Take home whitening pen $40

1 x 20min session $100

2 x 20min session $160

3 x 20 min session $200


with the purchase of either 2 x 20min or 2 x 20min sessions


Want a Beautiful sun-kissed Tan in 10 minutes, with NO orange & no stickiness?

Techno Tan spray tan solution is an excellent well-known quality product designed to suit all skin types with complete customer satisfaction. It is Alcohol-Free with no hidden ingredients. Techno tan has been worn by Carmen Electra and the whole Miss Universe pageant. Be sprayed by a certified Techno Tan Technician!


Techno Spray Tan $25


Microdermabrasion is a system of intense exfoliation and resurfacing that rejuvenates the skin by using ultra-fine crystals.

These crystals strike the skin, removing the outer layer. At the same time, a vacuum tube sweeps up both the crystals and the cellular debris. Microdermabrasion has been proven effective for more than just anti-aging treatment. It is also used to rejuvenate the skin in general and address dry and oily skin, fine lines, acne-prone skin, sun-damaged skin, hyper-pigmentation and also improving the elasticity and texture of the skin.

It is also effective at helping to remove blackheads and scar tissue. This type of treatment is preferred over other methods because it is non-invasive and painless. Plus, it doesn’t require any downtime, which means that normal activities can be resumed immediately after the procedure is performed. Perhaps the only side effect that some people may experience is a bit of redness for a few hours after the treatment.

During any periods of redness, people are simply advised to stay away from any damaging elements like sun exposure. This treatment is ideal for all skin types as well. Basically, it exfoliates the skin to enhance its beauty. It removes the dead skin cells from the surface of the skin to help give the skin a healthier, fresher glow. It is used not only on the face but on the neck and chest areas as well. It can also be used to help get rid of age spots, discolouring, and crow’s feet.

$40 per session


Skin Needling is a procedure that uses multiple needles to pierce the skin and create tiny injuries deep in the skin.

These dermal injuries lead to new collagen formation via the normal skin repair mechanisms. Skin Needling also perforates and softens fibrous scar tissue enabling the deposition of new collagen. The new collagen fills depressed scars and wrinkles from the bottom up, lifting the depression to become level with the surrounding skin. This technique can also help to thicken thin, crepe-like skin.

$130 per session