Choosing the correct amount


The quantity/amount of hair chosen by the customer will affect the end result & the desired effect of the customer.

A ‘full head’ is the most common amount of hair needed, however someone with thick hair or more hair than the average person might have to order a ‘full head and a half’. Alternatively, someone with thin hair may need less.

*Half Head 50grams – Normally to add thickness only

20 pieces of tape or 50 individual strands

*Full Head 100grams –  Standard full head

40 pieces of tape, 100 individual strands or 1 full weft

*Full Head and a Half 150grams – For thick hair or people who want that super thick look

60 pieces of tape, 150 individual strands

*Two Full Heads 200grams – For extreme thickness and that ultra-voluminous look

80 pieces of tape, 200 individual strands or 2 full wefts