Your hair extensions need lots of moisture now that they have lost their natural nutrient supply. Low pH/High moisturising shampoo, conditioner & treatments are great for the hair extensions. Make sure your products are free of sulphate, paraben & protein to keep hair extensions in good condition. Quality Argan Oils, coconut oil and moisturising serums are great for the mid lengths & ends of your extensions to help them feel soft, shiny & smooth. If you feel your extensions are a bit dry, the products being used may not be moisturising enough, so we suggest you try another product. There are certainly many products out there that will be great for your extensions & we haven’t tested them all but if you are experiencing any issues please stop using your products and contact us ASAP so we can investigate it before it does cause any significant damage. Protein on your hair extensions can throw off the moisture balance making hair more prone to breakage, frizz and damage. Due to the fact the extensions have already undergone an intense chemical process you cannot use keratin or protein on your hair extensions as they are unable to absorb it correctly. Purple shampoos are extremely drying on your hair and the extensions it will cause them to become dry, brittle & tangled. We understand you need to use these to tone your hair but please use very sparingly, only when needed and not every wash as it decreases the longevity of the extensions. Other products you should use sparingly are 2 in 1 shampoos, anti-dandruff & clarifying shampoos. Saunas can also be drying if used constantly.

Washing is recommended 1-2 times per week. Keep your hair extensions clean & untangled. Hair tangles when dirt & sweat build up so wash your hair after exercise & swimming. Brush your hair & remove all tangles before washing it. It is recommended to wash your hair with cool or warm water. When drying, pat hair dry with towel rather than rubbing, allow hair to air dry or if using a hair dryer make sure that you are using a heat protectant. Use high quality salon grade hair care products but don’t overdo it, too much hair care product can cause build up & tangling over time, so you want to be careful with the amount of product you use. Never use any products containing oil, alcohol or ethanol on the roots/bonds as this can damage the hair extensions & also wear down the bonds. When using conditioner do not apply conditioner to your scalp, condition from mid-shaft to ends only, make sure the bonds aren’t left wet for too long. For tapes and keratin bonds please wait 2-3 days before washing hair to allow the bonds to adhere well.

Clip in extensions should be washed once every 10-15 times they are worn, this is dependent on a few factors including weather, sweat and styling products. It is recommended to wash your hair with cool or warm water & use a good quality shampoo and conditioner. Use a hair tie to tie your clip in extensions together at the top into a pony tail, comb your hair extensions with either a comb or a brush making sure all knots and tangles are gone, with warm water gently wet the extensions and put shampoo on them. You don’t need to be rough with them. Combing the hair product through with your fingers should be fine, rinse out the shampoo then apply conditioner. Conditioner makes them easier to comb once they’re dry, softer and shinier. After Washing, when drying, pat hair dry with towel rather than rubbing, allow hair to air dry if possible even out in the sun, take care if blow-drying & straightening by using a heat protectant spray. We do not recommend wearing your clip in extensions to bed, this can cause damage to both your natural hair & the extension hair and the clips.

Swimming – Chlorine & salt water can cause hair to become dry, brittle, tangled & matte decreasing the longevity of the extensions. Keep your hair away from chlorine & salt water when possible. It is better to try avoid wetting your hair when swimming, but even then your hair is still exposed to the chemicals & salt water so make sure the chemicals don’t stay in the hair for too long. Shampoo your hair immediately after swimming. If possible wear a cap, keep your hair out of the water or apply a treatment mask to the hair before swimming to help act as a barrier.

You may feel itchy for a few reasons, if the weather is hot this can cause your hair to become itchy. Some people experience itchiness for the first week or settling in period of permanent extensions and this is normal. Itchiness may also occur when you are due for maintenance if there is a lot of hair & sweat build up in your extensions.

We recommend your hair is at least at jawline for the best blend of extensions, shorter hair does sometimes also require a thicker set to help blend.

You can darken but never lighten the hair extensions. You MUST NOT perm or bleach them, this will ruin the hair extensions as they are very porous. Don’t colour or perform any other chemical process to your own hair extensions, let your stylist take care of that.  If you do want to colour your hair extensions – only go DARKER and use a semi-permanent professional dye. No box dyes or permanent dyes as these dry, damage and tangle the extensions. You can use toner, but we advise that you do a spot test first, as the colour will vary from batch to batch. Use no more than 3% developer. Please note you will be doing this at your own risk and we cannot guarantee any colouring treatments. For tape extensions avoid colouring the tape on your tape extensions to avoid undermining the adhesive.

We recognise sometimes it’s not easy to choose the appropriate colour when trying to purchase hair extensions online, which is why we are more than happy to help you out!

It’s easy! Just email us a couple of photos of your hair and we will email you back with your closest color match that we would recommend.

Heat is your one of your hair’s biggest enemies, the more you use it, the less your hair extensions will last. You can use hair straighteners, hairdryers and curling irons, however, when using hot tools be sure to use a heat protectant spray and the lowest heat possible. Do not use a flat iron directly on the bonds of any extensions.

Depending on temperature, humidity, sweat, products and body oils, they can last up to eight weeks. Every 6-8 weeks your hair extensions will need maintenance to move the bonds closer to the scalp again, remove any old natural hair fall that is caught in the extension & to keep your hair healthy. Finger separation of the applied extensions will help avoid matting, a move up every 6 – 8 weeks is required to ensure no matting occurs. Use Clarifying shampoo before your maintenance to remove oil from the roots. If maintained properly your extensions can last from 3-18 months!

If your permanent extensions are applied correctly by an industry trained professional & maintained correctly, you shouldn’t receive any damage from your permanent extensions. If you’re not wanting to wear your extensions every day, then a clip in method is recommended. We do not recommend wearing clip ins every single day.

We recommend only Henshall Hair Removal Spray & Henshall Hair Tape Tabs for re-application. These products have been tested by us and we can only guarantee our own product’s quality. We will not be held liable for any customer that experiences removal or Re-application issues without proving they have purchased Henshall Hair approved products from the Henshall Hair online store.

Every parcel sent out will have its own unique Australia post tracking number, that you will be provided with once your order is placed. Please use this tracking number to track your order through (

You may contact us through email at The team at Henshall Hair operates within the hours of 830am to 5pm AEST and usually respond within 30min to an hour of receiving your email.

All Henshall Hair, extensions are shipped through Australia post. This service is standard parcel post service that covers all of Australia and takes 1-6 business days. We also offer an express post service which takes 1-2 business days for metropolitan areas and 2 -3 business days for rural areas, both these services come with tracking.  Orders must be placed before 2PM AEST if you require your order to be dispatched the same day.

Please refer to our Shipping and Returns section.

Please refer to the length guide provided. You can also estimate a length by using a tape measure to measure from just behind your ear this will give you a rough guide as to where you can expect your extensions to sit.

Remy hair refers to the direction of the cuticle on the hair, the hair collected is healthy, the cuticles are intact and all cuticles flow in the same direction from root to the tip the way it would in your own natural hair. Remy is the most preferred type of hair for high quality hair extensions.

This varies greatly depending on a number of factors including the method of extensions you have, the correct aftercare is practiced etc. and varies between 4-18 months. We have provided more information on durability and life expectancy in our Hair Care section.

Please refer to our aftercare information provided.

European Hair

Premium quality with its soft fine sleek texture, this hair is suitable for all hair types and is a high-grade hair extension range, so it is very popular in the hair extension industry. If you want high quality hair that is affordable then European is the hair for you!

Russian Hair

The Rolls Royce of hair, Russian hair is very similar to European but super smooth and luscious in texture with a gorgeous lustre and shine. If you are looking for hair that will last a lot longer and stay in beautiful condition, then Russian is what you need to ask for!

Avoid any products containing sulfate, keratin, oil, alcohol or ethanol on the roots/bonds as these can wear down on the adhesive & cause it to become sticky & slip. Keep your hair extensions clean; tape extensions can slip when you have added oil or product buildup in the roots. This doesn’t mean you have to wash them every day but be sure to use dry shampoo to remove oil and product buildup in between washes. When using serums or oils avoid contact with the tape, use on mid length to ends only. High temperatures including humidity, hot showers, hair dryers & straighteners can cause the tape to become sticky so take care while applying heat.

Clip ins are a ‘do-it-yourself’ removable method that can be done at home. If you are buying a permanent hair extension for yourself, we recommend a qualified professional hair extensionist apply your hair extensions. The application will determine how the product performs. Henshall Hair is not responsible for any damage to the product or its function due to improper application. If you apply the product yourself, or without a qualified hairdresser, then you accept the responsibility for any issues with the product related to application such as tangling, matting, piece’s falling out or slipping.

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