Nano Beads

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The nano beads are 100% safe & gentle on the natural hair & are not at all bulky, they are also less than a 10th of the size of the original bead, these tiny beads hide easily in any colour hair & are 100% re-usable. The nano bead is another great, reliable safe extension method made with high quality Italian keratin. This method is a single strand application, where thick 1g itip strands will be attached with beads discreetly hidden in your hair using an individual application by your hair extension professional. A regular full head of microbead extensions involves 100 pieces (100g)

  • 100% Human Hair Extensions
  • Double drawn
  • Remy cuticle correct
  • Thick 1g single strands (100g for a regular full head)
  • High quality Italian keratin
  • Thick luxury Salon Quality
  • Especially gentle on your hair
  • Smooth, silky finish
  • Can be straightened, curled and styled
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Available in Full Head & Half Head
  • Available in a large variety of Colours

Nano hair extensions, or nano bead extensions, are safe and gentle hair extensions that can easily be applied and removed. They can be attached to even the most sensitive hair strands without glue or heat for application. For those who want extensions but have a hard time finding something that accommodates their thin, sensitive hair, our stylists at Henshall Hair highly recommend nano hair extensions for a safe and stylish experience! 

Inspired by the micro ring technique, nano bead extensions are considered one of the most discreet and undetectable extensions on the market today. Due to their tiny size and ease of application, these are ideal for clients who want to come out of our salon with a more “natural” look — and because they can be easily removed, you can switch up styles without having to sit for hours at the salon. 

Although nano hair extensions are one of the easiest extensions to remove and apply, we highly recommend having them done by our professional stylists at Henshall Hair. Heat or oil shouldn’t be applied to the keratin bond or the extension might deteriorate, which is why our trained professionals are incredibly careful when removing or applying nano hair extensions.

Whether you’re looking for a way to spice up your everyday hairstyle or are looking to shop our nano hair extensions wholesale, we have a little bit of something for everyone at Henshall Hair. 

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What are nano hair extensions?

Nano hair extensions use nano-beads to attach themselves to already existing strands of hair. These beads are made out of aluminium and silicone, and they can add length and volume to your hair in a way that looks discreet and natural. 

How long do your nano hair extensions last?

With proper care and maintenance, nano hair extensions can last from 6 to 12 months. To ensure that your extensions last longer, we recommend frequently consulting with your stylist at Henshall Hair, so follow-up care and treatment sessions can be scheduled. 

Can my nano hair extensions be coloured?

Yes, they can! However, we highly recommend coming into our salon and having your colouring done by our professional stylists to ensure that the bonds between your nano hair extensions and your natural hair won’t get damaged by the colouring process. 

How are my nano hair extensions removed?

To expose the nano bonds, our stylists use a crocodile clip first. After the bonds are exposed, they then use a nano crimping tool to safely slide the ring off without damaging your hair.

I want to swim with my nano hair extensions on. Can I do this?

To preserve the longevity of your extensions, we highly recommend staying away from swimming in saltwater or chlorine. This can further damage your extensions and lead to matting. 

When can I wash my hair after applying nano hair extensions?

We recommend waiting 48 to 72 hours after application before you wash your hair. This is so your extensions are completely settled before you can wash your hair properly. 

After showering, we recommend using a detangling brush so your nano hair extensions remain in place and won’t get tangled with your natural hair.