L’oreal Steam Pod version 3.0

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SteamPod 3.0 by L’Oréal Professionnel is the 3rd generation of the original patented professional steam styler. At its core, it uses the power yet gentleness of steam to transform your hair in a flash.

If you liked SteamPod 2.0, you will love SteamPod 3.0. Thanks to its lighter and thinner design, styling has never been easier. With a 360° rotative extra-long cord, the tool is more versatile than ever to facilitate the wavy effects. Now with an integrated water tank to make it easy-to-use and more travel-friendly.

Create your look on any hair type, even the most demanding ones.

Now even more efficient:
• Faster, Smoother: the ideal beauty companion for quick and easy styling of even the most unmanageable hair.
• less damage. Optimal fiber respect.
• Better discipline and natural flow.
• Color protection and incomparable shine.

How to use?

• Insert demineralized water into the water tank.

• Choose the temperature according to your hair type: no need to over heat!

• Place the strand of hair in the middle of the plates and make sure the arrows are pointing down while styling. Move the tool slowly to get the best results.
We advise using Steampod 3.0 with our stylist-recommended SteamPod products to reinforce the caring benefits. The SteamPod routine ensures optimal fiber respect, up to 24h anti-frizz and maximum smoothing for soft and natural-looking shiny hair.

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