22” Russian Nanobead Hair Extensions Ombre’ #1/ash Blonde 100grams

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  • 100% Human Hair Extensions
  • Double drawn
  • Remy cuticle correct
  • Thick 1g single strands (100g for a regular full head)
  • High quality Italian keratin
  • Thick luxury Salon Quality
  • Especially gentle on your hair
  • Smooth, silky finish
  • Can be straightened, curled and styled
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • 100 strands x 1g strands
  • Length 22″
  • Russian Remy
  • Colour #1/ash Blonde Ombre’

In stock


The nano beads are 100% safe & gentle on the natural hair & are not at all bulky, they are also less than a 10th of the size of the original bead, these tiny beads hide easily in any colour hair & are 100% re-usable. The nano bead is another great, reliable safe extension method made with high quality Italian keratin. This method is a single strand application, where thick 1g itip strands will be attached with beads discreetly hidden in your hair using an individual application by your hair extension professional. A regular full head of microbead extensions involves 100 pieces (100g)

  • Length 22”
  • Russian Remy
  • Nanobead
  • Colour #1/ash Blonde ombre’
  • 100 x 1g strands
  • double drawn